Appenzeller Sennenhund - Highly Energized Herding Dogs

Originated as an all-round dog breed that love to keep itself busy in herding livestock, guarding the farm and pulling the carts in his native land of Switzerland, Appenzellers have the right amount of energy, are self-confident and are valuable working dogs that are low in maintenance. This medium-size breed is one of four regional breeds from the Swiss Alps. This rugged and intelligent breed loves to keep itself busy and always needs something to do.

Important Facts About Appenzeller Sennenhund

  • Known as Appenzeller Mountain Dog, Appenzeller, Sennenhunde etc., this is a bold and athletic breed which love to enjoy rough housing and romping in the snow
  • They are the vigilant watchdogs and have a deep voice
  • The dog can prove to be overtly dominant if not handled carefully
  • They are working dogs by nature and need to vent out their energies on a regular basis
  • They have protective instincts towards strangers. They need to be trained about the normal behavior of good guys.
  • It costs 600 – 800 USD to buy
  • Their litter size is 4-6 at a time
  • They are available in tricolor, Black tricolor and Red Tricolor


The breed has a distinct look and they appear black or brown with some types of symmetrical markings. They have white and rust markings. Rust is seen between the white and black or brown. They appear to be remarkable with the double coat and the top coat is light, thick and shiny. Their undercoat is also thick but can be brown, grey or black. Their undercoat is not visible through their top coat. Their coat should be straight with no waves or curls. There can be slight wave to the coat which is not desirable. It is just a medium sized dog with a heavy build, curled tail and small eyes. They have a smaller stature that gives them the ability to move swiftly among the herds. It has a medium-sized and almost a square built. He is muscular and agile.


It is a tri-color, medium-sized and has an almost square shaped built. He is muscular and well-balanced.

Background And Nature

Some people know this breed as an Appenzeller Mountain Dig, which is the least common of the four ancient Swiss mountain breeds. It was an all-around farm dog in the beginning which is used for herding livestock, guarding the farmhouses and pulling the carts at the place called Appenzell in Switzerland.

Today, it is known for its versatility. He is a family dog who is smart, self-assured, cheerful, fearless and reliable. He is suspicious by nature and needs to be trained well. He is not very friendly in the beginning and needs to be taught socialization. He is agile, obedient and excellent in herding.



Their lifespan is 12-13 years and they give birth to 4-6 puppies at a time.


You need to keep in mind that the temperament of Appenzeller is far less predictable than the inheritance of the physical attributes like shedding and size. It can be shaped by giving them a proper training. The dog can be dominant and bossy. But, these are the essential traits of a dog which needs to control the unruly cattle. They should be socialized early in life with the other dogs.

Lack of leadership over this dog breed or lack of mental and physical exercises can result in a wide variety of behavioral issues in the dog which is not limited to the obsessive barking or destructive behavior alone. They cannot lie happily around like a couch potato. It is necessary to make them socialize to avoid their aggressive behavior.



They have straight hair and a double coat which is very easy to be taken care of and needs a little attention. You need to remove the dead hair from time to time. Regular brushing of their coats keeps them in a good shape. A regular medical health check-up ensures their good health.


They should be fed well on high-quality food whether you prepare it at home or buy commercially under the supervision of a vet and his approval. Any diet that you should give it to the dog should be according to his age as some of the varieties are prone to get obese. You need to monitor the calorie consumption of your dog. There are certain human foods that are considered to be absolutely safe for dogs.


The breed does not belong to a busy urban like environment and does not have laid back attitude. It performs the best when it is left on a farm or a large space. It has a herding nature which keeps it away from running. It should be taken for long daily walks to keep fit.

Important Characteristics Of Appenzeller Sennenhund

  • It is a medium sized dog which is 18.5-23 inches and weighs 22-32 kgs
  • It has heavy, molasses like build and a tricolor coat
  • Their ears are smaller and triangular
  • The dog has a herding nature and they should make to socialize early in their lives
  • They have large size and immensely high energy levels.