Dogo Argentino - Powerful and Territorial Nature

Dogo Argentino breed is recognized by its large stature, muscular body and well developed build. It is used primarily as a pack-hunting dog. It has the required strength, endurance and intelligence to play the game of the wild boar and puma. He has a plain, white and smooth coat with a white patch.


It is a large white and short coated dog with a muscular and strong body on which any markings are found rarely. The dog has a black spot on its head which is a distinctive feature of the breed. The females of the breed are 60-65 centimeters (24-26 inches) and the males are 60-68 centimeters or 24-27 inches. The length of the body is slightly longer than the height. The length of the front leg is measured from the point of elbow down to the ground. Their head is broad with a slightly domed skull and the muzzle is seen at the top of the nose. Their tail is low, tapering to the end and thick at the base. It resembles American Bulldog but they are very tall with solid white coats. The breed also bears close resemblance to the American Pit Bull Terrier.


Their Name Implies

The name of the breed is self-explanatory. Dogo means a dog in Spanish and Argentino is Argentina. So, Dogo Argentino means a dog from Argentina. But, it is also known as Argentinian Mastiff.


The breed is known for its amazing power and dual personality. He is immensely loving and very good at hunting. He is a fierce hunter which is able to take on wild boars. He is gentle and fierce but do not get aggressive often. He has a strong prey drive and should be kept separated from small dogs and cats. It is athletic and vigorous dog and can turn out to be too rowdy. They need daily exercise to keep themselves physically fit and active.


You should start training your puppy the day you bring it at home. You need to make him learn socializing in life early. If you wait for 10-12 weeks, it would be very late and you will have a difficult time training him. So, make him join puppy training classes while he is young. They can easily learn games like disc-catching and obstacle crossing.



All dogs are vulnerable to the genetic health problems and Argentino is not an exception. They are likely to suffer from certain health conditions like hypothyroidism. They are also vulnerable to certain diseases like laryngeal paralysis and like many giant breeds; the Dogo can develop Hip dysplasia which is a hereditary defect of the socket of the hips. It can be mild to moderate and can hardly cause any pain. The breeds with this type of defect avoid jumping. The dog can also suffer from obesity at a growing age and hence their diet should be monitored closely.


It is not very tough to groom the dog easily. It has a short coat but it sheds heavily and hence a great care of his cleaning has to be taken. You need to give him bath in every three months with a mild shampoo. You need to brush his sleek coat at least once a week. You need to clean his ears every week and should keep the toe nails well-trimmed. Regular brushing of his teeth will be good for his teeth and gums.

Behavioral Traits

The dog is said to have the most powerful bites among so many other dogs in the world. However, it was bred to be gentle and non-aggressive to the people. It is fond of chewing and this particular behavioral trait can prove to be destructive. The habit should be kept under control by the dog owners. They are very playful in nature and can prove to be the best companion in the free time.



  • It can prove to be a perfect guard for your family and homes
  • They generally maintain good health
  • Do not need extensive grooming.


  • They can turn aggressive to other pets and hence not good to them
  • Training should start from the beginning
  • They can be difficult to handle for the first time owners.