Redbone Coonhound - Handsome Looks With Even Temperament

The Redbone Coonhound is an American breed that is proficient in killing raccoon, boar, deer, bear and cougar. The dog has an aesthetic red coat and gentle expression. Its voice tends to be sweeter than other breeds of dog. This breed is an independent thinker and needs lots of patience in training it to the full potential.

This breed was developed to engage in serious task in the field i.e. hunting. They are in dog’s heaven when they chase animals for hunting. It is also said that the dog has dual personality. It is ferociously wild on the hunting spot and friendly and composed inside home.


These dogs are agile, have enormous stamina with a confident air. The dogs need constant companionship of humans to thrive. They are not outdoor dogs and should not be left alone in the backyard. This breed is prone to suffer from canine attention deficit disorder. This dog is not meant for busy owners who cannot devote time and commit to its exercise requirement.

Redbone Coonhound

Redbone Coonhound Origin

The Redbone Coonhound or Red Hound belongs to 18th century. This breed was developed by cross mating Bloodhounds and Foxhounds which were brought America by Scottish immigrants. Later, the resultant dog was cross mated with Red Irish Foxhound.


This was done to increase its speed and scenting ability. The breed was used to track raccoon on trees and to hunt big animals like cougar, boar, beer, deer and bison. The dog was named “Redbone’’ because of its unique color of the coat. Today, this breed is described as the fastest coonhound with keen sense of smell.

Redbone Coonhound Characteristics

  • The breed belongs to America and is a hunting dog.
  • It is affectionate, companionable, energetic and independent breed.
  • The life expectancy of this breed is 12-14 years.
  • It stands at a height of 53-66 cm.
  • The dog weighs around 23-32 kg.
  • The dog comes in red color.
  • The average price of this breed is $600 - $800 USD.
  • The dog is relatively inactive indoors but a small sized yard will be perfect for it because of its large size.
  • This breed is not hypoallergenic.
  • The dog sheds negligibly. It has easy maintenance coat which requires primitive care.
  • The dog has weather resistant coat so it can work in all types of climate.
  • The dog requires time to train because it matures slowly. You need to be stern while training them.
  • It is a suitable breed for kids and it tends to be friendly and affectionate with them.
  • It is an animal friendly dog.
  • The dog requires at least an hour of vigorous exercise.


It is a medium sized, muscular and robust dog. The dog has wedged shaped head with broad muzzle. Their ears are floppy shaped and low set. The eyes of the dog are expressive and light golden in color.

The nose of the dog is black and well developed with broad nostrils. The tail is thick at the base and get slim at the end with slight curve. The forelegs are straight and well developed and hind legs are muscular.


Size and Weight

The ideal height of the male breed is 56–68 cm and it weighs around 23–32 kg. The ideal height of the female breed is 53–66 cm and it weighs around 20–32 kg.

Coat and Color

The dog has short, smooth and frizzy coat. The coarse coat helps it to protect from thorns and cuts from leaves. Their floppy ears should be checked regularly after their hunting sessions as they are prone to thorns or parasites. The dog comes in solid rich red mahogany color.


  1. Personality - The Redbone Coonhound is determined, fearless, tireless and tenacious hunter. These traits make it the most sought after hunter. With humans, they are affectionate, kind hearted and good natured dogs. They especially adore children and crave to play pal. They are like gentleman and are not fussy and clingy inside home. This breed is a lover of peaceful environment. They are sensitive to violence and avoid rude behavior with them. They remain stable minded with family and with strangers without being too boisterous.
  2. Behavior - The dog is good natured and tolerable of other dogs at home. They are calm headed and not too vocal inside home. The dogs crave for open environment where they can express themselves, run and romp. This breed of dogs tends to be greedy eaters. They eat almost anything offered to them and are prone to obesity. You should be careful while framing their diet chart. The dogs make wonderful asset to active families who can devote time to their pets.
  3. Activities Requirements - The Redbone Coonhound is athletic and energetic dogs. They enjoy time spent outdoor doing myriads of physical activity. This breed is an incredible swimmer. You can take your dog for swimming, running and jogging. Make sure to fully exhaust your dog before you take it inside home. After full day of hunt, work or play, they are ready to curl up at the owner’s feet inside home.
  4. Training - They are independent minded but their willing to please owner make it moderately easy to train. The dogs mature slowly both mentally and physically so you need to be patient and persistent in training them. Positive training and creative training are the best ways to keep their interest intact in the training session.


One and half cup of quality food is sufficient for this breed. If the training or physical exercise is hectic you can feed it half cup more.

Always keep fresh and clean water near to the dog’s place so that it never gets thirsty. “BARF’’ is said to be best for this breed. Barf diet means feeding raw meet to your dog rather than cooked in oil.


The dog can live up to 12 to 14 years.

Health issues

It is not a hypoallergenic dog. This breed is prone to suffer from cherry eyes, obesity polyradiculoneuritis, allergies etc.


It is a low maintenance dog with easy-care coat. It sheds lightly, once or twice brushing in a week is sufficient to keeps its coat mats and debris free. You need to bath the dog as needed or after every 4-6 weeks.

Check its ears for any signs of infection and wax built up because they have flat and heavy ears. Clean its ears with vet approved solution only. Brush its teeth weekly so that its teeth and gums remain healthy. Trim its nails, if it doesn’t wear off naturally.


They thrive in a house accompanied with yard. They can live in apartment if they are given plenty of exercise and love. The dog can tolerate moderate cold and hot temperature.

Redbone Coonhound

Pet Names

  1. Rosy
  2. Riley
  3. Ellie
  4. Stellar
  5. Luna

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. It is a skillful and focused hunter.
  2. It is a social dog that gets along with other canine animals easily.
  3. It has a low maintenance coat.


  1. The dog tends to suffer from separation anxiety, if not given time and affection.
  2. It is not a hypoallergenic breed.
  3. They are greedy eaters and prone to obesity.