Excited to know about Doxiemo? Here Are They!

The Doxiemo is not a purebred dog, but it is a cross breed between the Dachshund and the American Eskimo Dog known as Doxiemo. As they are not the purebred dogs, their appearance depends on which parent breed they resemble more. If your Doxiemo is tall, then it belongs to the family of American Eskimo. But if your Doxiemo is short and cute, then you can know that he got his looks from his Dachshund parent. The best way to find the type of your new mixed breed dog is to look up the history of all breeds in the cross. To know more about the temperament and health issues of your designer dog you should review the characteristics and health concerns of the parent breeds. Though, Doxiemo is known to be very active, smart, playful and eager to learn.

Characteristics and Facts About Doxiemo

  • Doxiemo is not a purebred and it is a mix breed of Dachshund and American Eskimo
  • This dog is not hypoallergenic, which means they are non-allergic dogs
  • Their height can be anywhere between 13 to 20 inch
  • Usually Doxiemo weighs around 26 to 40 lbs
  • One of the most active and alerted dogs, Doxiemo also possess the keen sense of smell and they are very friendly in nature.
  • Their lifespan is between 12 to 14 years
  • If you own more than one pet, then it is a good news for you as a Doxiemo makes a strong bond with other pets at home
  • They bark a lot
  • They  always try to please their human


How much to feed depends on the workout duration and the activeness of your dog throughout the day. In case of Doxiemo, one cup of dry fruits is vital to his good health and active behavior. Try to avoid showing love with the extra treat (overfeed) as this can make your dog obese which can result in bad health and lazy nature. Food which is high in protein like beef, salmon fish and chicken should be a good option for this dog. If you own a puppy, then four bowls of meal per day should be sufficient for its body to grow and thrive. In case of an adult dog, two bowls of meal are enough for the day. Other than meat you can also add different types of fruits and vegetables in his diet.



A Doxiemo can live in both hot and cold climate with the proper care. However, the places with moderate temperature are considered as ideal for this particular breed. Make sure that your dog is not suffering from overheating during the summer time. Because of their thick coat that they get from their parent American Eskimo, summers can get hard for your dog.


If we talk about the physical appearance of this pet, it can adopt from either parent. Certainly, a Doxiemo is smaller than its parent American Eskimo, but he is not small as Dachshund, his other parent. With his round head and long muzzle, this dog face seems to be long. With a strong jaw like Dachshund and muscular body, he looks perfect. Usually, his ears are set low just like American Eskimo.

Health Issues

They are the very healthy breed of dogs. Although they are not exposed to any major health issues, this dog can be prone to inherited diseases i.e., health issues found in its parent’s body. Checking the parent history is advisable before you buy this puppy to avoid the risk of inherited diseases. Other than that there are common health problems that this dog can suffer from. Hip dysplasia, cataracts, elbow dysplasia, arthritis, thyroid, deafness, progressive retinal atrophy are some these common diseases. With regular checkup, all these diseases can be avoided.



With the dense coat in their body, they are prone to shedding. In terms of shedding, they are considered as average to high shedder. Daily brushing is advisable, so the natural oil present on dog’s skin can distribute efficiently. This will make your dog's fur look lustrous and healthy. You should always check the ears of your dog for any built up wax and clean it with a cotton bud. No need for a regular bath, it is only advisable when the dog gets dirty.


  • Personality – The personality of this dog depends upon which parent’s genes it has got. In case you see any stubbornness in your dog remember it comes from Dachshund. Apart from that Doxiemo is extremely friendly and loves their human way too much. They are very active and remain alert all the time. They are very active and playful, but still, they are shy towards the stranger.
  • Behavior - Doxiemo is a very friendly dog not just to his human, but to the other pet siblings at home. They are very active that makes them playful all the time. Curious to learn, they constantly try to make their human happy. Though their all the time barking might make you scream sometimes. With never-ending energy, they live a comfortable lifestyle.
  • Trainability – Doxiemo’s are very smart and intelligent breed dogs and are keen listeners. With this nature, they can learn skills fast. Approach with the gentle training lessons and never get rude to your dog. They are easy to train if you treat them with a positive training program.
  • Activities Requirement – They are always high on energy with proper mental, and physical training, you can convert all this energy into good energy and your Doxiemo will stay happy. They love to jump and play with children and other pets. A daily 30 minutes to 1 hour walk in the evening is enough for this breed. Doxiemo's are small therefore just in-house activities can also meet the daily activity requirement of this breed. This means if you live in the city with large buildings and fewer parks, Doxiemo's suits perfect.

Doxiemo’s are very energetic dogs and suits well as a guard dog. If you want a friend and someone who can take care of your house when you are home Doxiemo’s are the best.