Chorkie - Facts, Puppies & Breed Information

The Chorkie is a hybrid or cross breed dog born to Chihuahua and Yorkshire terrier breed. They are originated in United States in early 1990’s and they are also known as Chia-Yorkie, Yorkie-Chi and Yorkiehuahua. Like the parents, the Chorkie breed is also a good companion house hold dog.

The Chorkie - Facts, Information and Characteristics

The Chorkie is a popular breed since its origin as it is one of the designer dogs. They have mixed characteristics of both the parent breeds in nature, size and colour.

  • They belong to small breed dog group and cross breed group. The Chorkie is bright, happy, cute and active dog breed.
  • They are aggressive towards the strangers as they are protective in nature.
  • They make good family dog but they are not good with kids as they may irritate the pet.
  • They need consistent training and proper socialization to maintain good relation with other pets and cats.
  • The Chorkies are good barkers and love to bark a lot on every strange thing. They have strong vision and can see the objects even from a great distance.
  • The Chorkie is highly energetic and doesn’t tire very easily. They need regular exercise to keep them fit.
  • They are not good with children, cats and dogs as well. They need proper training and socialization to develop good behaviour towards other animals.
  • It is unknown about their hypoallergenic nature as some are hypoallergenic like Yorkshire and some are not hypoallergenic like Chihuahua.
  • The price of Chorkie breed ranges between $400 to $500 USD  on an average.


Undoubtedly the Chorkie is one of the cutest dogs in present time like their parents. They are very tiny like Chihuahua and parts like face, head very much resembles its parent breed Chihuahua. They generally have long silky haired coat like Yorkshire but it is not necessary to have it.

The coat may be soft or harsh depending up on parent dog. They usually have long legs but they can be short as well.They come in various colours namely Black, Brown, Chocolate, markings of brown & black colour, Black & tan and many other colours.

The Chorkie is a tiny dog and measures about 6 to 9 inches (15 to 23 cm) in height and only about 8 to 15 lbs (3 to 7 kg) in weight. As they are hybrid the measurements may vary based on their body type.



This tiny Chorkie is full of energy, playful, intelligent and lovely. They are loyal to the owners and love to hang around them. They like to be attentive, enthusiastic and happy. They are little stubborn and needs a consistent and silent training.

They need to be socialized well to behave well with other pets and animals. They are very brave, self-assured and alert at the same time. They warn the owners if they notice any stranger or intruder by barking. They make good watch dogs and excellent companions.

Health Issues

They are generally healthy breed as hybrid breeds are healthier than pure breeds. They are vulnerable to certain health problems like skin allergies, eye problems, heart problems and slipping stifles. They may also prone to other health problems which may be genetic. Consult a vet if any serious problems have been noticed.


Chorkie Diet

They are high energy dogs and play a lot; they need proper and healthy diet to keep the pet fit. A Chorkie needs about a cup of healthy meal per day that contains high quality feed like meat, milk and dog food. Do not over feed the dog or it may lead to over weight problem.


They are best companion to the apartment dwellers as they are active indoors. They can adapt to any living condition but make sure they are not left alone. The exercise requirements should be met if they live in apartments. A moderate weather condition suits the Chorkie well but if any extreme conditions they need proper protection from cold and heat as well.

Life Style

Lot of energy should be burned for this breed so playing games with family and toys covers a lot of exercise requirements. Short daily walks keep the pet healthy and fit. A walk around the dog park, walking through short distances and little physical exercise is sufficient for this tiny pet.

Life Cycle

The Chorkie has an average litter size that is it gives birth to 3 to 5 puppies in one litter. They are little dogs and the puppies need good care and attention because of their size.


This is a small sized dog and it is easy to be attacked by other animals. Do not unleash the Chorkie on daily walk as they may get attacked by other large dogs and animals. As it is very easy for the dog thieves to snatch them, make sure they are well-protected.


Chorkies cannot always breed a true Chorkie so it is needed to cross breed a Chihuahua and Yorkshire terrier to get a Chorkie. So professional breeding is necessary to get the hybrid breed Chorkie in existence. A reputable breeder and a vet’s observation are necessary for the breeding purpose.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Chorkie :

Chorkie Chorkie Chorkie Chorkie

Life Span

The Chorkie lives about 10 to 15 years on an average. Under proper health condition and good environment the Chorkie can survive longer.


Regular brushing and removing loose or dead hair can keep the coat clean. Bathe the pet at least once in a week as they have body smell like humans. Clean the ears, area surrounding the eyes and brush the teeth regularly to avoid gum problems.

Some Chorkies have short hair but some have long hair which needs proper grooming. Trim the nails if they are grown or twice in a month. Professional grooming is also advisable if needed.


The Chorkie are low shedders and they shed little to no hair. Regular grooming and proper maintenance prevents shedding and keeps the pet clean and tidy.

Suggestible Names for Chorkie

  • Female Dogs : Chocho, Coco, Misty, Bella, Chinky
  • Male Dogs: Mike, Dexter, Rocky, Ronnie, Little Bear