Burmilla Cat - Domestic Cat Of United Kingdom

The Burmilla cat is a soft colored cat of United Kingdom. This cat was developed by cross mating chinchilla Persian with Burmese breed. This cat is one of the world’s most attractive cats. It has an easy care short coat. The cat’s coat comes in two variations- the short and semi-long. The color of the cat’s eye is uncertain till it grows two years of age. The cat is loyal, devoted and incredibly affectionate. Like dogs, it craves for human companionship. It wants to be a part of every family activity. The cat needs your constant company. It wants ample amount of pampering and love. The cat is quite and gentle. It doesn’t gel up with strangers in one meet. But with time, it starts mixing up with them. If you want an affectionate and well-mannered cat for home, this breed is perfect for you. You can find the cat on perpetual jolly mood. Being a sweet natured and tolerable cat, it is playful with kids of all ages. The cat can even tolerate dogs inside home.

Burmilla Cat Origin

The Burmilla cat is a result of accidental creation of new breed. It was the sheer unplanned cross mating between Chinchilla and lilac Burmese cat in 1981. The owner of lilac Burmese left the door open from where it escaped and met a male Chinchilla Persian cat. The result of mating was adorable shorthaired female kitten having silver coated fur with black shade. In this way new breed was developed.


Burmilla Cat Facts And Characteristics

  1. The cat belongs to United Kingdom
  2. It is a medium to large sized cat
  3. The coat of the cat is dense and silky with either short or semi long fur
  4. If you want a fancy lap cat, this breed is perfect for you
  5. The lifespan of the cat is 10-15 years
  6. It is an easy going, friendly, social and lovable cat
  7. The weight of the cat is around 7 - 13 pounds
  8. It comes in black, blue, lilac, tortoise shell, brown, cream and chocolate colors
  9. The average price of the cat is $500 - $700 USD
  10. The cat is adaptable to any climate
  11. It needs constant companionship of humans. If you cannot devote enough time to your pet, this is not the right breed for you
  12. The cat is gentle with kids and is even playful with them
  13. The cat is social with everyone. It includes even cat-friendly dogs
  14. The cat is energetic and prefers to outlet its energy by playing games
  15. It is not a hypoallergenic cat
  16. This breed of cat is generally healthy. Good for owners who do not want to worry medical cost of the cat
  17. The cat sheds negligibly
  18. Moderate grooming is required to keep its coat in good shape
  19. The cat is known to be vociferous. It meows or cry excessively especially at night.


It is a medium sized cat having elegant body structure. The cat has distinctive lining which seems as if it has done makeup on nose, lips and eyes. The cat has gently rounded forehead with large sized ears which is set wide apart on head. It has a short and blunt muzzle with elegantly developed nose. Chin of the cat is firm and in good shape.

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The eyes of the cat are set obliquely. It is large and slightly curved from upward. The color of the eyes can be luminous, any shade of green, gold and yellow.


Coat and Color

The cat comes in two types of coats- semi-long and shorthair. The shorthair cat is commonly found and its coat is similar to Burmese but with slight fluffiness because the cat has undercoat as well. The semi-long hair coat is similar in appearance to Chinchilla. The cat’s coat has a lustrous appeal irrespective of the coat type. The cat comes in myriads of colors like red, cream, blue, brown, chocolate and lilac.

Burmilla Cat Temperament

  1. Personality - This cat has an irreverent and independent personality. You can find perfect blend of Burmese and the Persian cat in a single breed of cat. The cat is affectionate and little extroverted in nature. It is adventurous and loves to explore new places or things for play. It is a well suited cat for families with children and dog friendly cat. It remains playful throughout its life. The cat loves the attention it gets from polite children. It is advised to teach your kids how to pet cats by keeping it on floor rather than holding it.
  2. Behavior - The cat craves for attention of the owner. It has a very demanding personality when it comes to pampering and caressing it. The irresistible looks of the cat can make anyone fall in love with it. The cat is leery of strangers but with time, it will get along with them. This sweet natured cat is fun loving and loves to be social with every member of the family. The cat has moderate vocalization which means it will meow or cry at night sometime for no valid reason. Because of its light weight and easygoing nature, you can carry the cat in your purse of lap efficiently.
  3. Activities Requirement - Keep the cat busy with fun and thrilling cat toys. Bring a medium size cat’s tree in your house where the cat can have its own time when you’re not able to pay attention to it. The cat loves to play with kids and other dogs.
  4. Training - They are naturally well mannered and like gentleman. The inherited traits of the cat like “attention seeking attitude” or meowing unnecessary cannot go by training. But you can teach it how to be self-reliant when master is busy.


Give the cat premium quality wet and dry food. The cat is not prone to obesity and can maintain its body shape. Give them 80 Kcals per kg of bodyweight per day of food.



The average lifespan of this breed of cat is 10-15 years.

Health Issues

The breed is not hypoallergenic. It is a healthy cat but you should be aware about the common issues faced by the cat. It can suffer from polycystic kidney disease and allergies.


The cat sheds lightly. It is suitable for those owners who do not want to deal with cat’s hair. The grooming requirements of the cat are simple. There is no need to make special efforts. Once a while brushing is recommended because that will keep its coat free from mats. Moreover spending time in grooming its coat will bring you closer to your pet.


The cat can live in any type of home as long it is getting attention and love from owner. It can thrive in any weather condition.

Burmilla Pet Names

  1. Leila
  2. Billy
  3. Jam
  4. Sammy
  5. Shimmy

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. The cat is affectionate and has a cool temperament
  2. It sheds low and has simple grooming needs
  3. The cat is social and suitable for families with kids and dogs.


  1. This breed is not hypoallergenic
  2. It is not a quiet breed. Sometimes it tends to meow or cry to garner attention
  3. The cat needs your constant companionship. Not suitable for busy people.