Brazilian Shorthair - Muscular and Elegant

The Brazilian shorthair cat is the first Brazilian feline breed that has received international recognition. This cat has massively built elegant body and long tail. The cat is like common street-cat in Brazil but not so common to the rest of the world. The Brazilian Shorthair cat is adaptable and can easily adjust to new surroundings. It is inquisitive in nature and it loves to explore new places as well as people. The cat is social in nature and needs great deal of interaction from family members to be happy. It is great with kids and peaceful with animals including dogs. The only thing, this cat craves for is love and attention from owner. If you want a good mannered cat that snuggles up to you on bed or cuddles you in sofa, the Brazilian shorthair cat is meant for you. This cat can also be your playmate as it is brimming with enormous energy and would love to play fetch games with you. Overall this cat has the goodness of an ideal family cat.


There are many speculations made regarding its origin. The most common one is that the cat originated in 1500 AD. According to popular belief Portuguese brought British shorthair cat on ship to keep the rodents under control. Eventually the British cat bred with native cat and became common street cats. Paulo Samuel Ruschi researched and experimented on these street cats. After many years of hard work, he developed Brazilian shorthair which later got international recognition.


Brazilian Shorthair Facts & Characteristics

  1. The cat belongs to Brazil
  2. It is a medium to large sized cat
  3. The cat is lovable, affectionate, energetic and intelligent
  4. The lifespan of this cat is 14-20 years
  5. It is less of a lap cat and more of a playful cat
  6. The weight of the cat is 10 - 18 pounds
  7. The Brazilian shorthair cat comes in varieties of color including white, brown, tan, black etc.
  8. The average price of this cat is $1000 - $1200 USD
  9. The cat is adaptable to any weather condition and environment
  10. It is extremely lovable and affectionate cat. Generally this breed of cat is friendly to everyone
  11. The cat is child friendly
  12. The cats are naturally clean animals. You can brush its coat few times a week
  13. The cat is free of any medical issues
  14. It is not a hypoallergenic cat
  15. The cat sheds minimally
  16. This cat needs lots of interaction and companionship of humans
  17. It is friendly towards strangers too
  18. The cat is not so vocal.

Brazilian Shorthair Appearance

The Brazilian cats are medium to large sized with muscular yet elegant body. The cats have slightly curved body stature and are more slender than lender than British Shorthairs and American Shorthairs. The head of the cat is slightly longer with medium sized ears of rounded tip. The tail of the cat should not be too broad at the base and it gets slightly tapered towards the end. The eyes of the cat are large and expressive and give impression as if the cat is on perpetual shock mode.

  • Weight

The Brazilian cat is a medium to large sized cat. The ideal weight of the male breed is 10 to 18 pounds. The ideal weight of the female breed is 8 to 16 pounds.

  • Coat and Color

The Brazilian shorthair cats have short coat which is soft and glossy. Its coat is similar to silk and is close-fitting. The cat comes in many colors and all colors are acceptable as per breed’s standard. The common colors of this cat are- white, black, orange, gray, brown, and tan. One can find this breed of cat in every possible feline colors and patterns.


Brazilian Shorthair Temperament

  1. Personality - The Brazilian cats are one of the most loving and friendly feline of this world. They get along with everyone and love to interact with different people. This cat has a friendly demeanor and gentle nature that can attract anyone towards it. The cat is highly adaptable. It is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor environment. The only especial need of this cat is constant companionship of its family members. It cannot thrive without its family and is prone to separation anxiety if left alone.
  2. Behavior - The Brazilian cat is the best feline choice for first time cat owner. Its easy going personality makes it highly tamable. It is much like dog when it comes to activeness and energy level. Just like dogs, they love to play with kids. Their high energy makes them a tireless machine. This cat is not couch potato unlike most of the cat. It needs cheerful and interesting life. Because of this reason, the cat loves to explore new places and meet new people. They even befriend other animals especially dogs. This cat will share your bed and even watch favorite TV programmer with you. This cat has moderate vocalization but that’s tolerable because of their cute face.
  3. Activities Requirement - Being an inquisitive and active cat, it require daily play session. The cat loves to play fetch games. As it is lover of outside environment so give it opportunity to explore the outside surrounding.
  4. Training - The gentle nature and intelligent mind make it easy for training. You can teach your cat basic feline manners and other obedience lessons. As the cat is fast learner so you also teach it high level tricks. This cat has a strong memory and it doesn’t forget lessons once taught to it.


Give the cat’s premium prepared forages. Apart from this you can also feed it natural products like meat and dairy product- milk, cottage cheese. Do not feed it fish else it can suffer from worm infection. Vegetables having content of starch and chicken cloth can damage the gastrointestinal tract of the cat.



The lifespan of the cat is 14-20 years.

Health Issues

It is not a hypoallergenic cat. The cat is hard, resilient with no major health issues. It is a long-lived breed with no breed specific disease.

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The cat has short coat which shed negligibly. It is a suitable cat for those who do not want to deal with cat’s hair inside their house. There is no need of extensive grooming the cat. Weekly brushing is advisable to keep its fur mats free. Other grooming needs like clipping its nails, regularly brushing its teeth and cleaning its ears are also important.


The cat can adjust itself to any amount of space provided to it. It can thrive in climate similar to Brazil. The cat prefers warm climate over cold. But with shelter and sweater it can happily thrive in cold climate too.

Pet Names

  1. Puss
  2. Ashes
  3. Tiger
  4. Misty
  5. Smokey

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. The Brazilian cat is an easy going feline creature that is ideal for first time cat owners
  2. The cat is affectionate and friendly towards everyone
  3. It is an active cat and it can even entertain kids by playing with them.


  1. This breed of cat is not hypoallergenic
  2. This cat is prone to separation anxiety
  3. The cat is energetic and needs someone who can fulfill its desire to play so that it can outlet its energy.