Bouvier de Ardennes - Facts, Puppies, Temperament, Breeders

Bouvier de Ardennes is a rare dog breed in the world that has the origin in Belgium. There were mean casualties of the breed in the world due to the inefficient and unhealthy environment, especially the reduction in total numbers of the farms.

The dog was much popular in the world for its herding and surveillance services. Nowadays, this dog is unavailable in the world, but still, Belgium has a number of Bouvier de Ardennes. This dog has different sizes, weights, and the heights according to age and physical growth.


Bouvier de Ardennes Dog Facts For Kids and Information

When you look at Bouvier de Ardennes, you will come to know many interesting and stunning facts about this dog. This dog is generally famous for following;

  • Available in all colors except the white
  • Ideal weight of the dog is 28 to 35 kg
  • Bouvier de Ardennes can adjust in open and wider space only.
  • It would be a poor decision to pick it as the pet.
  • A wonderful dog with herding qualities and watching abilities
  • Playful and obstinate etc.
  • Puppy Price: Average $700 - $900 USD


The diet plan of Bouvier de Ardennes differs according to the environment, physical fitness and interest of this dog. Basically, it likes the casual foods and specific dog biscuits and grains. Further, it needs more energy for herding and for this; the formulated and energetic foods are the best of Bouvier de Ardennes.

Bouvier de Ardennes Habitat

The most people like Bouvier de Ardennes much because it is a cute and very interesting dog. They always try their best to adopt it as the pet, but it generally avoids living indoor life. Usually, if you keep it as the pet it will become inefficient and come down to bad health. In fact, this dog has a massive interest in open space and free life.



The behavior of Bouvier de Ardennes towards the human has been polite, interesting and curious. This dog always likes staying with the humans, but not indoor as these dogs are not for a closed life.

Secondly, it reacts positively, enjoys the life with children and participates in playing with them. This is completely adaptable, obstinate, intelligent, energetic and friendly with the human beings.


Of course, the lifestyle of Bouvier de Ardennes matters a lot to be discussed. This dog has very smooth, simple and interesting lifestyle. It feels more pleasures and excitement in living outdoor and at the open places. Usually, its growth totally depends upon the fresh environment and physical exercises. Bouvier de Ardennes is extremely fond of hiking, running and walking.



The lifecycle of Bouvier de Ardennes is generally between 12 to 15 years. However, if the environment is unhealthy and climate is intensive, then the lifecycle of these dogs drops down frequently. Secondly, the average life of the dog will be up to 15 years with sound health and good appearance.


Actually, Bouvier de Ardennes is a friendly and cooperative dog that is not an injurious for the humans and the animals. However, being a herding dog, it barks and threatens the animals and humans disturbing the flocks of the cattle. Anyways, this dog has the qualities of watching homes and the animals. It has the partial protection nature.

Bouvier de Ardennes Breeding

The reproduction rate of Bouvier de Ardennes is also alike to other dog breeds in the world. Usually, it can manage the breeding up to 4 to 6 puppies, while sometimes it can give 4 to 8 puppies, but it happens rarely. The price of a puppy of Bouvier de Ardennes is $700 to $900, but these dogs are rare in the most countries.


The appearance of Bouvier de Ardennes is very amazing as the male dogs have 22 to 24.5 inches height and 60 to 72 lbs weight (28-35 kg). On the other side, the female Bouvier de Ardennes will have 20.5 to 22 inches height and 45 to 60 lbs. This dog breed has all colors except the white. The body look has wiry hair, coarse, medium length, average weight, eyebrows and smoother skin.

Life Span

This herding dog can live an average life of 12 to 14 years. The growth of this dog is fast because its body size increases quickly. Secondly, this dog has the most powerful and energetic muscles because it loves running.

The lifespan of Bouvier de Ardennes gets disturbed due to fall in a number of farms, bad environment, and unhealthy factors. This dog breed is rare in the world.

Health Issues & History

There has been a wide range of health researches and surveys over the life of Bouvier de Ardennes. It has been predicted that there is no notable disease or infection in this dog yet. That is why; this dog is more expensive and popular throughout the world.

The history of Bouvier de Ardennes belongs to the age of mid of 20th century. Many armies in Europe used this dog as the watching animal. Basically, this dog is specified to Belgium and it is unavailable in rest of the world due to many factors.


You don’t have continuous grooming of Bouvier de Ardennes because it owns smooth and shiny coat. However, you can use the brush to clean its coat, while the regular bath once a week can also be good for the physical and internal health of Bouvier de Ardennes. It does not cost high for grooming.


There are also the least possibilities of shedding in these dogs. Basically, in summer, the Bouvier de Ardennes may have skin irritation, color change and some other casual infections that get automatically recovered with the passage of time.

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Bouvier de Ardennes Bouvier de Ardennes Bouvier de Ardennes Bouvier de Ardennes Bouvier de Ardennes Bouvier de Ardennes Bouvier de Ardennes

Temperament and Personality

The physical structure of Bouvier de Ardennes is tough and hard that lets it work continuously. This dog is also known as the herding specialist and the best working dog. Further, it is much sociable and pretty dog for the people.

However, it is happy when you let it live free in the wider space. The appearance of Bouvier de Ardennes represents the cutest and most attractive personality with the smart body. Finally, it is playful, adaptable, curious, friendly, gentle, brave, obstinate and courageous dog.


There are several characteristics that are associated with Bouvier de Ardennes. Fundamentally, it owns following features and qualities.

  • Good look and positive behavior towards the people
  • Rare possibilities of suffering from disorders
  • Sound, energetic and powerful for herding
  • Rare dog breed and available mostly in Belgium
  • Multiple coats except for the white color
  • High priced, healthy and bigger dog etc.