Cesky Terrier - Facts, Pictures, Puppies, Temperament, Breeders, Price

Cesky Terrier is a gun dog with its amazing features, activeness, sharp body, small size and beautiful look. This dog has very interesting history and it was created by a cross between two terrier groups; Scottish Terrier and Sealyham Terrier. Frantisek Horak conducted this reproduction cross in 1948 in Czechoslovakia. This is a small dog with a long body, while it has the hair on its face and all around of the legs. This dog is actually rare in the United States, however; it is much popular in Czech and the people use it for hunting in the deep forest.

Cesky Terrier Dog Facts and Information

Cesky Terrier comes with plenty of interesting facts and the information that make the dog fans and lovers so excited to get it for their homes. In general, this dog owns;

  • Short height, but longer body
  • Height is 10 to 13 inches
  • Weight is 6 to 10 kg or 13 to 23 lbs
  • Other names are Czesky Terrier, Cesk Terrier, and Bohemian Terrier
  • Longer eyebrows and bushy head
  • Available in gray, liver-colored and brown
  • Teeth meet in a level bite and nose is straight etc.
  • Puppy Price: Average $300 - $500 USD


Cesky Terrier dog breed is more famous in the world and the beauty of this dog always confuses the pet lovers to choose whether a German Shepherd or a Cesky Terrier. However, the diet plan of Cesky Terrier is very ordinary and there is nothing special in the schedule. However, these dogs love the crunchy and crispy foods. The dog biscuits, perfectly formulated diet and other dry recipes are the most favorite of Cesky Terrier.


The Cesky Terrier can adjust in the apartments with the people. However, it maintains its dual nature of living. It spends more time with children in gaming, playing and enjoying, but it is also more interested in the yard life where it can run and play freely. Cesky Terrier always feels happiness to stay with humans and follow their rules and orders.


The behavior of Cesky Terrier is totally different from rest of dog breeds in Czech and other regions. Basically, it is a calm, relaxed, patient and very playful dog that sports the people and protects their kids. It is also trainable, intelligent, polite, brave, obedient, loyal, courageous and fearless. These dogs always like living with other pets and enjoy the gathering.



There are some interest facts about the lifestyle of Cesky Terrier. Basically, these dogs are fearless and very intelligent. The children always use to play with this dog. Further, it has a friendly nature for all. It loves some activities like hiking, walking, jumping and running on the grass. It is much fond of the outdoor activities, while it likes some specific dog recipes that deliver Cesky Terrier endless pleasures and satisfaction.


The lifecycle of Cesky Terrier is different according to the environment, health prospectus and the other factors. In general, this dog has an average lifecycle from 12 to 15 years. However, this lifecycle may come down due to some critical health disorders and infectious diseases that may weaken the dogs and disturb their overall health and physical appearance.



By nature, Cesky Terrier is not a harmful dog because it is much friendly with everyone, even with strangers. Usually, it can support the hunters in gunshot in the forest. But, it does not kill any animal or bird. It is known as the best and most reliable pet for the apartments.


The average bitter size of Cesky Terrier is generally 2 to 4 puppies, but sometimes, this bitter size may be up to 5 puppies. Being a rare dog breed, it is extremely expensive in the world. This dog is rare in the United States and other countries. The average price of a puppy may be over $1500 to $1800.

Cesky Terrier Appearance

The personality or appearance of Cesky Terrier is a little bit different from rest of the dog breeds. Usually, this dog has a short height and longer body with hair on the face and around all legs. The longer eyebrows and bushy head make it a unique and very attractive dog group. Secondly, the nose of the dog is flat and it has a top on the nose. The teeth of Cesky Terrier are in the bite level.

Life Span

The lifespan of Cesky Terrier depends upon the climate, environment where it is living, food it eats and the life it spends. In general, the average lifespan of Cesky Terrier is 12 to 15 years that may be more as well as less with respect to their health, fitness, foods and the climate.

History & Health Issues

The history of the Cesky Terrier is not purely natural because it is a manmade dog which was created by a breeder in Czech through the cross of Sealyham and Scottish terriers. Nowadays, Cesky Terrier is a bit common and famous in Czech, but these dogs are rare in rest of the world, even in the USA. Generally, there are many health threats to Cesky Terrier. Further, this dog breed may also experience following health issues.

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Scotty Cramp
  • Primary Lens Luxation
  • Patella Luxation
  • Eyes and ears disorders
  • Skin infections
  • Thyroid issues
  • Cardiac problems
  • Glomerulonephritis etc.


Cesky Terrier always requires regular and deep brushing as it has more possibilities to get caught in skin disorders and some infections. You must apply daily casual grooming, but a deep bath once or twice a week that will keep the Cesky Terrier 100% healthy, active and fit.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Cesky Terrier :

Cesky Terrier Cesky Terrier Cesky Terrier Cesky Terrier Cesky Terrier Cesky Terrier Cesky Terrier


Some environmental factors and products for grooming may cause skin disorders and eye infections. However, the prompt treatments and cautionary measures can easily recover the Cesky Terrier from such complications.

Temperament & Personality

The look and beauty of Cesky Terrier have been awesome for the pet lovers. It is very energetic, sharp, active, polite, calm, relaxed and loyal dog. Further, it stays cool everywhere and enjoys more with the children. Usually, it is an order following, obedient and fearless dog on the planet.

Cesky Terrier Characteristics

Cesky Terrier also possesses several important and inspiring characteristics that are rare in same species and breeds.

  • Comfortable for all living conditions
  • Friendly, cooperative and loyal nature
  • Calm, relaxed and protective dog
  • Fearless, loyal, obedient, trainable and intelligent dog breed
  • Unique look and creative appearance that make it very interesting dog breed on the earth etc.