Aegean Cat - Affectionate and Friendly Cats

Aegean is the medium sized oldest domesticated cat breeds. They are said to have originated from the Cycladic Islands of the Aegean Sea because of which they owe of their name. The cat is very affectionate, active and lively. They are the natives of Cycladic Islands and for hundreds of years they lived in the fishing ports for tasty food and were domesticated. They are excellent hunters and are able to kill rats proficiently.

Important Facts and Information About Aegean Cats

  • These cats have lean muscular bodies that are covered with tricolor or bicolor coat which is cream, red, blue or black
  • They have almond-shaped green eyes and have an intelligent and expressive looks
  • They have moderate shedding coat seen in tricolor or bicolor deviations. Some of their breeds are seen with tabby striping in the coat
  • An average adult of this feline weighs 10 pounds and have a life expectancy of 15 years on an average
  • In some rural communities, they are domesticated for pest control.


It is important to feed the cat on quality food, if you domesticate it. These cats originated from the Greek isles and they are very good at fishing. Fishes are their favorite food. So, you can feed them on fish-flavored food. Primarily, they are fond of taking meat-based diet and require certain amount of amino acids from the proteins of the meat.



As mentioned, the feline originated from the Cycladic Islands in the Aegean Sea where they were natural landrace. They are one of the oldest domesticated feline breeds. These are commonly seen as feral feline in Greece but nowadays they have become one of the commonly domesticated pets all across the world.


They are very friendly, compassionate, affectionate and social. They love to play with children and other pets. They are smart and lively and have excellent communication skills. As they have originated from an island, they do not disdain water and love to go for fishing all by themselves. They are very expressive and like to socialize. Since it has been domesticated for centuries, it has become well-adapted to the humans.



Owing to the relative rarity of these breed, any genetic condition is difficult to determine. In general they are lovable pets that like the company of children and pets. All through the day, they remain active and lively. They are very smart at catching rats. Since, they are expressive and communicative, they love talking to you.



The feline breed is allowed to develop through the process of natural selection and not from the selective breeding. They reach maturity at the age of 2-3 years and able to breed further. When they are groomed well, they live up to 15 years. Their average lifespan is 10 to 15 years.


Natives to a group of islands in Greece called Cyclades in the Aegean Sea they are the natural felines which mean that they are developed without the humans getting involved in the breeding process. As a breed, these cats are rare and numerous.


With their athletic, muscular and lean bodies, these cats are very attractive to look at. They occur in bi-colors and tri-colors and some have tabby marking in their coats that look pretty. They have sharp, beautiful, almond shaped eyes that are green in color and a great contrast to their coats as well. Their legs are well-proportioned to their bodies and are strong. They have semi-long coats and weigh between 8 to 10 pounds on an average.

Health Issues and History

The cat remains healthy throughout their lives if kept well. But, they can develop certain health issues as well. Renal failure, diabetes, hyperthyroidism and diabetes are some of the commonly occurring health problems in Aegean cats. Genetic health issues are rare occurrences in this feline. There are no well-known health issues that are specific to this breed.

As you can make out by their name, Aegean cats originated from Cycladic islands in the Aegean Sea at Greece. They are a natural landrace in Greece and considered to be the oldest domesticated felines. In Greece, they are common as feral cats where in the islands of Greece where they are seen in the fishing ports hunting for food.


These cats need regular brushing weekly with wire slicker brush that removes their dead hair. Apart from this, they need regular nail trimming and ear cleaning. You can brush their teeth easily at home with vet-approved toothpaste. They need a good oral hygiene.


These have semi-long haired coat that shed hair excessively all through the year. However, the domesticated ones who are confined to the indoors, shed their hair only in certain time-period. The artificial light conditions affects the growth cycle of their furs.


As mentioned, these are compassionate and lovable pets that are communicative and friendly to the children and adults.

Aegean Cat Characteristics

  • They are muscular, semi-long haired bicolor or tricolor felines. Most commonly they occur in white color. Their coat can have fawn, gray, blue, black in color and they weigh 9-10 pounds
  • They do not have many known illness and health conditions as the other felines
  • The cat can shed moderately and with the help of proper nutrition and regular grooming and keeping the shedding to small areas, the shedding can be minimized and become manageable
  • The most defining characteristic of the cat is its almond shaped, sparkling eyes
  • They are available in red, gray, blue, black and fawn colors with tabby markings
  • They are very efficient in fishing and friendly
  • They have affinity for water and are efficient in fishing
  • They have friendly and affectionate nature and are the oldest breed of the domesticated cats.