Africanis - Friendly and Submissive Dog

Africanis is a landrace of South African dogs which is believed to be ancient in origin and a direct descended from the hounds and pariah dogs that belong to the ancient Africa. These dogs have short durable coats that are fond in a wide range of colors with or without the tabby markings. They are roamed for centuries freely in and around the rural areas. They are very friendly in nature to the humans, other pets and to the livestock.

Africanis Dog Facts and Information

  • Africanis is a medium sized, well-muscled dog with a slender built
  • It is agile and supple and a very good runner
  • They are easy to domesticate as they have no extravagant demands
  • They have highly resistant immune system and muscular body
  • They have basic instincts for hunting and submissive nature
  • They have a cone shaped head with oval eyes
  • It is one among the handful of natural aboriginal dog breeds that have remained in the world
  • Once they were popular as hunting dogs but now they are domesticated because of their friendly nature.


This breed requires neither special food nor pampering. However, to keep them active throughout the day, you should feed them with high quality and protein rich food like meat and eggs etc. It is believed that the dog has a natural resistance against the internal and external parasites.



They are very friendly in nature especially towards the children. It is said that it is a territorial breed and hence it does not do well with the other house pets especially with the other dog breeds. So, they should never be left alone with the pack of other dogs otherwise they would be miserable.


It is a real African dog which is meant for African climatic conditions. The African heritage goes back to 7000 years. It is said that the earliest record of the domestic dogs in Africa is from the Nile delta dated 4700 BC. Nowadays, the Africanis are seen all across the Southern Africa subcontinent. The dog is known by diversified names in the different languages.



It is a very friendly and playful dog breed which makes it a great pet and a great companion for kids. They are very alert in nature and watchful. They are very independent minded, very polite and obedient to their owners. They can turn moody or grumpy as they grow older. The breed needs some type of moderate activity daily that keeps them healthy. A brisk and long walk or a cycling trip with the dog is a good work out. The dog get mixes up easily and plays a lot.


As mentioned, the breed develops immense natural immunity to the internal and external parasites due to their exposure to the difficult environment over the years. They remain healthy normally but they are susceptible to the diseases like parvo and distemper. They resist congenital diseases and generally stronger than the other breeds.



The dog belongs to a medium size category and he is tall generally at the shoulders but can have elongated body shape also at the same time, which can make the breed look longer than the taller. It is muscular and the coat is short. It stands almost 20-24 inches in height and weighs 45 kgs on an average. The short hair coat of this breed is available in a variety of colors like dark brown, black, chocolate brown, cream and honey. Spots of the dog may be with or without the markings. He has a cone shaped and elongated body which is his distinct feature.


They can be trained with perfect ease. They are generally submissive dogs and react well to the directions of their master. They are friendly in nature and can be easily taught.


They do not have any peculiar grooming requirements. They can survive even the harsh conditions of Africa without the need of any grooming or pampering. Giving them bath a week and brushing daily is more than enough. They do not shed normally and have low grooming needs.


Give birth to 2-8 puppies at a time and live up to 9-12 years.

Other Names Of Africanis

  1. They are also known by other names like African Dog, Bantu Dog, Tswana breed dog, Khoikhoi Dog, Zulu Dog, Umbwa Wa Ki-Shenzi.
  2. Hypoallergenic state of this dog breed is not known.

Characterstics Of Africanis

  • The breed proves to be a good company for children because of its playful nature
  • The dog is territorial about his ambiance
  • It can be easily trained because of its obedient nature
  • He cannot sustain and survive when put in a pack
  • All through his lifespan he keeps good health and can sustain for many years on a poor diet
  • He is pretty energetic and can easily adapt to different environments
  • He does not require any special grooming and can sustain in harsh environment also
  • He is very loyal, submissive and has a muscular build.