California Spangled - Spotted cat

The California Spangled is a domestic cat that looks like miniature leopard on first glance. This cat was developed in 80’s to resemble wild cat and leopard which has similar spots on body. The most desired spots on cat’s body are round shape. The cat has small face with long lean and muscular body. Despite the wild appearance of the cat, it is completely domestic cat and loves to interact with people. In the initial days, the cat was extremely popular but presently its rage has been overshadowed by Ocicat and Bengal tiger. This breed of cat is far from being a lap cat. It has high energy and adores playing with children. It is an outgoing breed that loves to explore every corner of the earth. You will barely find this cat sitting idle. The cat loves to be the part of every family activity. It also needs on going companionship of owners. The cat is incredibly smart and intelligent which makes it highly trainable. It even loves to have another cat inside home and is tolerable with dogs too.


The cat was developed in 1970’s in United States. The idea for the cat’s development came from Paul Arnold Casey who was a cat enthusiast, Hollywood scriptwriter and author. While working in Africa (Tanzania) he noticed the plight and degrading population of leopards and wild spotted cats. He decided to raise awareness about the conversation of wild cat and leopard by creating a similar looking cat breed. Mr. Casey began cat breeding program where he used spotted cats from Egypt and Malaysia, Abyssinians, American and British Shorthairs in order to develop a miniature leopard.


California Spangled Facts And Characteristics

  1. The cat belongs to United States
  2. It is a large sized cat
  3. The cat has a short and spotted coat
  4. It is not a lap cat
  5. The average lifespan of the cat is 10-14 years
  6. It is a devoted, intelligent, loyal and affectionate cat
  7. It weighs around 12 - 15 pounds
  8. The cat comes in brown, silver, bronze, red, blue, silver, charcoal and white color
  9. The average price of the cat is $800 - $1500 USD
  10. It is a rare breed and not easily available
  11. The cat is adaptable to any climate and environment
  12. The cat is good mannered with children and is known to be playful with them
  13. It is also an animal friendly cat
  14. The energy level of cat is similar to that of a dog
  15. The cat is hypoallergenic
  16. It sheds moderately
  17. The grooming need of the cat is low. It only requires weekly brushing
  18. This cat is even outgoing and gentle with strangers
  19. It is known to be a quiet breed.


The cat looks like a small version of leopard. The tubular body, restlessly and stealthily movement of the cat gives impression of a hunter in prowl. The body of the cat is long, lean yet muscular. The cat has a round forehead, prominent cheek bones and firm chin. The muzzle is short and nose and lips of the cat is in straight line. The cat has wide eyes of deep cooper to amber color. The tail of the cat is thick and long.

Size and Weight

It is a large sized cat. The weight of the male breed is 12 - 15 pounds. The weight of the female breed is 10 - 13 pounds.


The cat has leopard like spots on its coat. The shape of the spot can be circular, oval or square. Its coat is soft and dense. The cat comes in bronze, gold, blue, brown, charcoal, red, black, silver, or white color.



  1. Personality - The cat has a wild look with domestic personality. It is a gentle cat with majestic coat like leopard. The cat is energetic rolled into acrobatic. It loves to jump and climb to the highest position available in house. In fact they love to look at the world from high vintage. The cat should be given opportunity to explore outside world. They are inquisitive and curious about everything. Unlike most of the cat, it doesn’t have a laid-back personality. Make sure that you provide the cat lots of fun activities to do inside home so that they don’t get bored.
  2. Behavior - The cat is happiest when it is with its family members. Make sure that you have at least one member who stays at home. The California Spangled is a rare and expensive cat so there is high chance that someone might steal your cat. This cat has high prey drive towards rats and rodents. It is affectionate with everyone including dogs and kids of all ages. The cat gets mingle with stranger pretty easily. It forms close attachment with owner and is a dedicated pet. This breed of cat is not so vocal and is highly tamable.
  3. Activities Requirements - It is important to channelize the playful and energetic nature of the cat into productive activities. Many owners provide secured area for the cat so it can exercise and play freely. It is suggested to provide this breed with fun and thrill games so that it doesn’t get and becomes destructive.
  4. Training - The cats are eager to learn new tricks and skills taught by owner. They are incredibly smart with good memory which makes them highly trainable. You can introduce leash training to this breed as they tend to climb and jump a lot. Providing early socialization to the cat will ensure it grows into a tolerable and easy going pet. Moreover you can teach them art of fetching, high feline skills and to come when summoned by owner.


It is important to give proper diet to the cat for overall optimum development of heath. You can either feed them raw food or semi-moist commercial food. Monitor the percentage of proteins, fats and carbohydrate in its diet. Always keep fresh water near the cat’s place so that it doesn’t get dehydrated.


The cat can live about 10-14 years of age.

Health Issues

This breed is hypoallergenic. It produces little to no dander. The California Spangled is a healthy and hearty breed of cat with no major breed specific health problem. Visit your vet to know vaccines your cat needs to stay healthy and protected. Common feline health issues like tapeworm and vomiting may affect the cat.



It is a mild shedding cat with simple grooming needs. The cat remains clean naturally and not much effort has to be put to make it look tidy. Weekly brushing is enough to keep dead hair in control and to keep its coat mats free. Moreover the cat will also enjoy the personal attention given to it in grooming session. Clip its nails if it has become long. Brush its teeth daily to avoid bad breath.


The cat needs open space inside home to live happily and freely. It can thrive in any climate but requires special care in winters.

Pet Names

  1. Candy
  2. Joey
  3. Linda
  4. Samba
  5. Kitty

Things To Consider While Buying


  1. This breed is an affectionate cat and makes suitable pet to people who can devote time to their pet
  2. The cat is hypoallergenic and has easy grooming needs
  3. The cat is energetic; your children will love to play with it.


  1. It needs constant companionship
  2. It is not suitable for owners with busy schedule
  3. The cat needs spacious environment to live happily.