The Beaglier dog is originated in Australia and is not a purebred dog as it is developed by crossing the Beaglewith the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This dog is very popular in Australia.

The Beaglier – Facts, Information and Characteristics :

  • The Beaglier dog can be hound dog breed.
  • The temperament of this dog is friendly, lovable, gentle and alert.
  • This dog can be trained easily and when trained in the early stage it will obey the commands of the owners.
  • It will be friendly towards other cats in a short time.
  • The Beaglier can be friendly with other dogs in a short period.
  • This dog is said to be a good watchdog.
  • The Beaglier dog is not hypoallergenic.
  • The price of this dog is about $1000 to $1500.
  • It can be a scent hound too as it has the ability to sense the scent. (inherited from the Beagle)
  • This dog also has the hunting abilities, so owners should supervise the dog and should not let it go after small animals.
  • They are friendly towards kids, but when the dog is with younger children, supervision is required.

Appearance :

The Beaglier is said to be small to medium sized dog and has rounded muzzle. The ears of this dog are folded and fall down. They have large eyes and tail is moderately long. The coat of the dog is soft, smooth and short, but sometimes it has a long coat just like Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog. The height of the male and female dogs is the same and it varies from 12-16 inches (30.5-40 cm), where as the male and female dogs weigh about 10-25 lb (4.5-11.6 kg).

Behavior :


The Beaglier dog is very playful, gentle, alert and lovely. These dogs will be active most of times and likes to play with the kids all the day. It entertains all the family members and becomes everyone favorite within a short time.Do not let it alone for long periods at home as it may become tensed and barks heavily.

Health Issues :

Generally, the Beaglier dogs are healthy and don’t show any health issues. But just like all other dogs, it may be prone to few health disorders. The most common health concerns for the Beaglier dogs are heart disease, epilepsy, ear infections and patella luxation. As long as the dog is raised with good care, it will be healthy and will be far away from health problems. So, take proper care and consult the vet in case of any emergency.


Beaglier Diet :

Special diet is not required for this dog, but healthy and high-quality dog food is recommended. Try not to over feed the dog and for that, follow the proper food schedule and feed the dog accordingly. Two meals per day and clean drinking water are advisable for the dog.

Habitat :

If the dog is given a regular exercise and training then it will do well in the apartments. In order to keep the dog active, it has to be properly trained. A house with a small fenced yard will be well suitable for this dog as it always likes to play along with the children and keeps busy with itself.

Lifestyle :

This dog needs regular exercise and daily long walks. It will be a good partner for long walkers as it likes to walk along with their owners. It should be properly trained in order to obey the commands of the owners.

Lifecycle :

The Beaglier dog can give birth to an average of 2 to 5 puppies. Just born puppies should be raised with proper care and attention until they attain certain age.

Predators :

These dogs will be safe in indoors and fenced yards. But whenever the dog is on for the daily walks, it may possess danger from other big animals if not properly supervised. So, do not let it go away from you and always be watchful.

Breeding :

The dog should get a proper age to be ready for the breeding. A professional breeding is recommended for the Beaglier dog in order to get the healthy puppies.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Beaglier :

Beaglier Beaglier Beaglier Beaglier Beaglier Beaglier

Life Span :

The Beaglier dogs can live happily up to 12 to 14 years. If the dog is raised carefully without any health disorders, then it can live long.

Grooming :

Brush this dog weekly with a firm bristle brush and make it bathe with shampoo only when necessary. Trim the nails of the dog monthly and regularly check and clean the ears in order to avoid any ear infections.

Shedding :

The Beaglier dog sheds little and is not a heavy shedder. To keep it fresh and clean, regular grooming is sufficient.

Suggestible Names for the Beaglier Dog :

  • For Males – Patter, Dim, Jobs, Lester, King.
  • For Females – Firra, Sally, Willy, Whip, Augie.