American White Shepherd - Facts, Pictures, Puppies, Temperament, Breeders, Price

The American White Shepherd is same as the German Shepard except for their white color. They both also have the same origin. They are medium in size and muscular with pure white coat. The American White Shepherd is quite poised but is also very active and is always eager to learn. They are always cheerful and obedient, and they like running and fetching. These dogs are highly intelligent, thus making it very easy to train them. American White Shepherd makes a very good companion and sometimes they can be quite expressive and thus may grunt and howl.


American White Shepherd is of the same origin as the German Shepard. During the late 19th and 20th centuries in Germany, a breeding program developed the German Shepard Dog breed. Initially in 1959, the standard that was adopted by the German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA) was only colored breed. But later in 1969, in the United States and Canada some white dog fanciers formed their own club of White German Shepard breed. The United Kennel Club (UKC) officially recognized the White Shepherd breed on 14 April 1999.


American White Shepherd Facts and Information

  • American White Shepherds are very courageous, confident and obedient.
  • These dogs are extremely intelligent and always very alert.
  • American White Shepherd’s coat is comparatively longer than the German Shepard.
  • They can demand their owner’s attention by whining and mumbling.
  • They shed every year.
  • Puppy price: $600-$800 USD


American White Shepherd is a large breed dog and thus must be fed high quality food. They can even have chicken, fish, lamb, turkey and a variety of vegetables and fruits. But care must be taken because American White Shepherds are prone to bloating and must be fed smaller meals at a time.

Behavior and Temperament

American White Shepherds are very faithful to their owners. If proper training is provided, they can prove to be very good and efficient companions. Also, these dogs are very brave, courageous and they are always eager to learn new things. They also demand the owner’s attention and must not be left alone or isolated for a long duration of time.

Usually this breed is pack oriented which means that they need a pack leader. So, it is very important for the owner to be authoritative, firm and very confident but at the same time be calm and gentle. If the owner unknowingly or knowingly lets the dog believe that he is the pack leader, it may result in aggression in dogs. Also, it is very important to give the dog daily mental and physical exercise. This will help in making the dog more stable.


If American White Shepherd is properly trained from an early age, they become very obedient and adjust very well with children and other pets. American White Shepherd is very active and does not like simply lying around ideally. They are intelligent and smart and so they need to direct their energy. Thus they are usually used as watch dogs, police dogs, and companions to blind and even in search and rescue operations in military. They like many games, such as fetching, fly ball, ring sport and tracking.

Lifestyle and Exercise

Usually American White Shepherds prefer large yards where they can play and run. But can even adjust in apartments if they are properly exercised especially by taking them on long walks or running.


Breeding and Lifecycle

American White Shepherds have the same origin as the German Shepherd. These two breeds are similar in appearance and share the common roots. American White Shepherds were basically developed in a breeding program in Germany.

For American White Shepherd, the average litter size, which is the number of puppies they can give birth to, is 5-10 puppies. The puppies tend to grow very fast and proper training is required for them at a very young age to prevent behavioral problems in them.


The coat of American White Shepherd is pure white and medium in length. Also, the undercoat is fine and thick, while the other coat is thick and dense. Apart from their pure white color, all American White Shepherds have black nose. American White Shepherds have erect ears and natural tail. Also, the outline of these dogs is very smooth and does not have angles.

In American White Shepherd, the gender difference is quite apparent. The male dogs’ body frame is comparatively larger than the females. Usually male dogs appear more masculine without roughness while the female dogs appear more feminine without being very fine.

American White Shepherd dogs’ head is proportional to the body. The male dogs’ height is 24-26 inches and the female dogs’ height is 22-24 inches. They usually weigh around 35-40 kg. Also, American White Shepherd has a double coat that is weather-resistant and dense.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures Of American White Shepherd

American White Shepherd American White Shepherd American White Shepherd American White Shepherd American White Shepherd American White Shepherd

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of American White Shepard is 12 years to 14 years if good care is taken.

Health Issues

American White Shepherd is a health breed but still may face some health issues, like hip dysplasia where joints dislocation at hips may take place, elbow dysplasia, degenerative joint disease (osteochondritis), eye diseases, allergies that can be related to food, air or fleas, Mega esophagus (Enlarged Esophagus) and coat or skin related problems. Some genetic lines of American White Shepherd can sometimes even show problems related to diseases that are autoimmune, like congenital spine disease.

Grooming and Shedding

As this breed constantly sheds its hair, proper grooming must be done to avoid finding their hair everywhere. Their hair must be regularly brushed and taken care of. Also, frequent baths must be avoided as it can cause skin irritation due to loss of natural skin oil. Apart from these, regular grooming like nail clipping, ear cleaning and dental care must be provided.


  • American White Shepherds are very loyal and obedient.
  • Apart from hair shedding, they need minimum grooming.