Welsh Terrier - Dog Breed Information

The Welsh Terrier is a small-sized Welsh breed dog which is originated in Wales. It is said to be the oldest breed of the dog which still exists in the United Kingdom.

Welsh Terrier Dog – Facts & Characteristics

  • The other names for this dog are Welshie and WT.
  • It was used for hunting rodents, badger and fox.
  • It becomes friendly with cats if given sufficient time.
  • This dog makes other dogs as friends in a short time.
  • The temperament of the dog is said to be intelligent, active and alert.
  • The Welsh Terrier dog is hypoallergenic.
  • This dog is easy to train, but few times it may become stubborn and hard to handle.
  • The price of this dog is about $500 to $800.
  • Sometimes, this dog jumps high on to the furniture in home.
  • It is said to be the best watchdog.
  • The barking of the dog can be controlled by proper training.
  • Other talents are tracking, guarding, hunting, agility and few more.

Welsh Terrier Appearance

The Welsh Terrier dog resembles Airedale Terrier but as a smaller version. The head is rectangular in shape and the eyes are dark brown in color. The ears are v-shaped and folded towards head. The tail of the dog is moderate in length and there is no much difference in docked tail and undocked tail.


It has double coat; the outer coat of the dog is harsh, wiry and dense whereas the undercoat is soft. Generally, this dog is seen in black and tan grizzle color. The puppies will be born with black color and the color changes to the standard in the first year. The Welsh Terrier dog can grow up to 15.5 inches (39 cm) whereas it weigh about 20-22 lb (9.1-10 kg).

Welsh Terrier Behavior

The Welsh Terrier is an alert, playful, intelligent and active dog. It adapts well for the home-environment and it likes to play with the kids all the time. It always requires an active environment and it entertains the family members with its funny attitude. It is friendly and clam, but when it faces any challenge it tries to prove itself.

Health Issues

Generally, the Welsh Terriers are healthy and fit, but as like other dog breeds they too have few health disorders. These dogs may prone to hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, von Willebrand’s disease, Glaucoma, epilepsy and allergies.


As long as the dog is raised well by the owners, it will be safe and healthy, but in case of any health emergency or unusual symptoms, consult the vet immediately and take required actions.

Welsh Terrier Diet

It requires healthy and high-quality food, do not over feed the dog as it may result in excess weight. It is advisable to prepare a proper food schedule for this dog and feed it accordingly. For drinking, use clean and neat water.

Welsh Terrier Habitat

Upon sufficient exercise, this dog will do good in apartments and it will be active indoors. A house with small yard will be very well suitable for this dog as it can play actively all the time.



The Welsh Terrier dog needs daily walks and a regular exercise. As this dog likes to chase the moving things, the owners should keep an eye on the dog all the time and do not let it go away from you. It even likes to swim along with the family members and in a short time it becomes one of the family members.


This dog can give birth to an average of 2 to 6 puppies. The puppies should be raised well by the owners until they got a certain age and then they can manage themselves.


The Welsh Terrier dog will be safe under human protection, but whenever it encounters any other big animal, it may hurt itself due to its small size. So, owners should not let any other big animals to come near the dog.


The proper age is required for the breeding of this dog and it is advisable to have a professional breeding in order to get healthy puppies.

Life Span

On an average, the Welsh Terrier dog can live up to 12 to 14 years. If the dog is raised with good care and healthy diet then, these dogs can live up to 15 years.

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Welsh Terrier Grooming

The Welsh Terrier dog needs regular brushing every week and hand-stripping is needed nearly three to four times every year. Check and clean the ears of the dog regularly and make it bath whenever necessary.

Welsh Terrier Shedding

This dog is not a heavy shedder as it sheds very little, but few times it doesn’t even shed. So, regular grooming is sufficient in order to keep the dog fresh and clean.

Suggestible Names For The Welsh Terrier

  • For Males – Rap, Tag, Darry, Frost, Ear
  • For Females – Felly, Gills, Well, Penny, Drill