Canadian Eskimo Dog - Facts, Pictures, Puppies, Temperament, Breeders, Price

Canadian Eskimo Dog is a famous dog breed in Canada, but it is also found in Northern America. Usually, these dogs are known as the working dogs and the best companions of the people. These dogs are average in height but have greater weight. Canadian Eskimo Dog is also known as an Arctic breed of the dog. In 1960, these dogs were used as the working dogs and later on, the people in Canada started adopting such dogs as the pet. These dogs have been an integral part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that illustrates the importance and efficiency of Canadian Eskimo Dog.

Canadian Eskimo Dog Facts For Kids and Information

Today, there are hundreds of dog breeds throughout the world. The Canadian Eskimo Dog is a well-known dog breed with its amazing look, appearance and handsome body. Some facts and information about Canadian Eskimo Dog are;

  • The oldest dog breed on the earth (12,000 years ago)
  • The people used Canadian Eskimo Dog for multiple purposes.
  • This dog breed was a part of Canadian Police from 1950 to 1970.
  • Twisted tail
  • Colored and coarse coat
  • Thick coat with long hair
  • Dominating color and appearance with white as well as black spots on the coat etc.
  • Puppy Price: Average $1000 - $1200 USD


There are some highly recommended and appreciated diet plans for the Canadian Eskimo Dog. However, the most people use protein-rich and healthy food to serve this dog. This dog is much fond of exercising and playing in the open yard. So, it needs sufficient as well as the regular supply of energy. In addition, the nutrient, vitamins, calcium and protein contained foods are the favorite diets of Canadian Eskimo Dog.

Canadian Eskimo Dog


Basically, Canadian Eskimo Dog is not an ideal dog for the apartments, but the most people manage these dogs in their residences. They generally provided the fenced yard for these dogs and keep them with children. In fact, Canadian Eskimo Dog becomes friendly and cooperative with children.



The behavior of Canadian Eskimo Dog is totally different from rest of the Canadian dog breeds. This dog does not show its behavior, but it represents only working attitude and following the orders. However, it is very patient, polite and affectionate with the humans. It can live in all conditions and environment because it is tough, very active, alert, loyal, intelligent and hardworking. You can consider it the best watchdog for your home and a good surveillance option.


The lifestyle of Canadian Eskimo Dog is also a bit difference from another dog breed in the world. Usually, it wants to spend its life outside the homes and in a free space. It likes a life of independence, while this dog mostly spends its time with other pets, the children families. You can keep Canadian Eskimo Dog happier and satisfied if you bring it outside the apartment for the exercises.

Canadian Eskimo Dog



The Canadian Eskimo Dog is hardworking, tough and strong. So, it can live longer, but the average lifecycle of this dog is either from 10 to 13 years or 12 to 15 years. The most people in Canada believe that Canadian Eskimo Dog can live up to 15 years an average life.


Usually, Canadian Eskimo Dog has been living in a friendly, working and tough environment for last several centuries. That is why; the attitude of this dog breed is very professional and logical. It does not hurt anyone; however, it plays with children and enjoys the time with them in playing games and going for the walk.


Like other dogs on the earth, Canadian Eskimo Dog also gives birth to more puppies to increase its population and generation. In several reports, it was predicted that the average bitter size of Canadian Eskimo Dog is 3 to 8 puppies. Secondly, the value of this dog breed is higher than many competitive dogs in Canada. Usually, the cost of each puppy of Canadian Eskimo Dog will start from $800 to $1200.

Canadian Eskimo Dog


Canadian Eskimo Dog is not a taller and longer dog, but it has sufficient physical and body dimensions. Fundamentally, the male dog has a height of 37 inches and a weight up to 65 to 105 lbs. On the other side, the female Canadian Eskimo Dog will be 24 inches taller and 60 to 95 lbs heavier. The upright ears make it more attractive, while the colored and spotted coat is the other feature in appearance that attracts and motivates the pet lovers.

Canadian Eskimo Dog History & Health Issues

The history of Canadian Eskimo Dog is very old and the most people don’t believe that it was observed first time on the earth almost 12,000 years ago in Northern American regions. Later on, this dog was in the use of many tribes in Canada, Arctic and Atlantic Ocean areas almost 4500 years ago. However, in 2008, the Canadian Eskimo Dog became rare in North America. Further, this breed may prone in some ordinary and few critical health problems like;

  • Gastric torsion
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Heatstroke and heat intolerance
  • Arthritis
  • Cataracts
  • Entropion etc.


The long hair and heavier coat of Canadian Eskimo Dog may get polluted quickly. Secondly, these dogs are usually hard working and living in the working environment. So, they need regular grooming, especially the deep brushing and cleaning their coats.


The debris and contaminated elements may suffer it from many health and skin disorders. Usually, these dogs become sick when they feel something or limited to an apartment. They mostly need open and fresh spaces to stay healthy.

Temperament & Personality

Almost everyone has several doubts about the temperament of Canadian Eskimo Dog. Usually, these dogs are working breeds and they don’t involve themselves in different casual activities. However, these play with children and protect their families and the people whom they know well. Further, these are brave, loyal, intelligent, trainable and courageous dogs.

Canadian Eskimo Dog Characteristics

Likewise other dog breeds, Canadian Eskimo Dog also comes with a number of qualities and characteristics that make it more popular. Some of the characteristics this dog owns are;

  • Loyal, fearless, hardworking and tough
  • Playful, gentle, patient and friendly with humans
  • Cooperative, watchdog and good for companionship
  • Historical dogs with remarkable history and qualities
  • Energetic, powerful and supporting dog breed etc.