Ariegeois - Facts, Pictures, Puppies, Temperament, Breeders, Price

The Ariegeois, also known as an Ariege Hound, was only bred in the early 1900s but has already made its name as one of the best hunting dogs out there.

Facts and information about Ariegeois

  • Origin: France
  • Though this breed is used mainly as a hunting dog, some families have started to keep it as a pet and they have found that the Ariegeois is a very loving and affectionate creature.
  • Just like all other hunting dogs, this dog breed is adaptable to changes; making them easier to be trained. They are also highly intelligent and learn fast.
  • Ariegeois are generally easy-going and happy creatures.
  • They are friendly and love being around people as well as other dogs.
  • Cost of purchase: $1000-$1200 USD


The Ariegeois came from Ariege, France; so it has this unique name. This dog breed was bred by crossing a number of French hound dogs in 1912. They are also one of France’s youngest breeds and are known for hunting hare in their dry and rocky homeland. They are alleged to be one of the best hunting dogs around, though more and more people are starting to keep them as pets due to their warm nature.



The older they grow, the less food they need. For pups from 12 weeks to 3 months old, they need 4 bowls of food a day. Once they are 3 months old, they can be provided with 3 bowls a day and when they hit 6 months, 2 meals every day will be sufficient. High-quality and branded dog food should be fed to these young pups for their optimum health. Canned food and broth can be mixed into their food once they reach a year old and since then they will require no more than one meal per day. They also enjoy eating cooked eggs, fruit, cottage cheese and vegetables; but these items should not take up more than 10% of their daily nutrition requirements. They should only drink clean drinking water for their entire life cycle.


Ariegeoiss should not be kept in small apartments as they are very active creatures. In fact, even big apartments may not be spacious enough for them. As they are very active creatures, they require sufficient space to release their energy or they may become destructive. Houses with large yards where they can run around freely are the most ideal. They need to sleep on a dog bed with bedding but not on the floor.


Besides being extremely affectionate and loyal, this breed is also known to form close bonds with the family it is brought up with. They are gentle and calm, especially with children. This dog breed will want to follow wherever their owners go. Due to their low level of aggression and friendly nature, they will not make good guard dogs. They co-exist very well with other dog breeds and can get along with animals which they are brought up together with.



The Ariegeois should be given proper training at a young age and they should be leashed all the time when outside. The lesson times needs to be short and entertaining because they have poor memory. They are actually easy to train and they respond well to positive reinforcements. It is important to be patient with them while training them, as they may be easily distracted. One thing to note is that they like barking a lot and training may help quieten them. However, they will definitely be noisier than the average dogs due to their hunting instinct.


They need to take part in regular exercise, since they are an energetic dog breed. It would be best if their owner is a hunter, otherwise they would need to be taken out daily for at least an hour of brisk walking or running. If they do not have an outlet for their ample energy, they may become destructive and unpredictable, Pups from 6 – 18 months are the most active and need a longer exercise time.



Their litter size is about 3-6 puppies.


It is a breed with normal proportions, medium-length ears and a slightly curved tail. Their coat is short, white and glossy with clear and defined black markings. An Ariegeoiss’s head is elongated without any wrinkles and is about the same length as its muzzle. Their noses are black and their eyes are dark, usually brown. They always appear happy and alert. Their weight is about 28- 30kg and they stand at about 50- 59cm.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures Of Ariegeois

Ariegeois Ariegeois Ariegeois Ariegeois


Their lifespan is usually 12-14 years.

Health Issues

This breed is prone to different health issues, such as ear infections, cataracts, hip dysplasia, demodex mange, elbow dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy. Regular check-ups at the veteran’s office is a must and if they need to take medication, do ensure it is prescribed by a certified vet. Bad dog breath can be the indication of a serious disease. An Ariegeoiss pup needs to be immunised with a combination immunization at every 2, 3 and 4 months, and every year since then. Thankfully, this breed is known to be relatively healthier and less susceptible to illness as compared to other purebred dogs.


Only regular brushing of its coat is needed, as this breed is quite easy to maintain. Their ears should also be cleaned regularly as particles, such as grime and food may get stuck in these; thus causing infection. Check their coat for fleas or ticks during warm weather and occasionally give them a bath


Frequent brushing of the Ariegeois coat will help in reducing shedding.


It would be best if their owner is a hunter or if they always stay active and also enjoy spending time outdoors. This is necessary for the dog to get sufficient exercise and release their extra energy. Their owner should also be happy, easy-going and able to respond to the affection that the Ariegeois will undoubtedly have for them. They will not do well with an owner who is seldom around.